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Thursday, February 23, 2006

ForexMentor AM Review Feb. 23 2006

Using either the KTTN or MMTS systems to trade the aftermath
of news yesterday would have been the prudent thing to do,
as the 8:30 am ET swing point coughed up a nice run into today.
Even if you missed that trade, we had a nice channel breakout
today, as the Asian session finale and the opening of the
London/Tokyo sessions collided. This was evidenced, not only
by the breakout on the 15 minute chart, but also by observing
the relationship of stochastics on the hourly chart to the
behavior of the 10 and 80 EMAs on the 5 minute chart (read,
the ‘Jeff Hughes trade’). Yesterday’s ‘news trade’ was further
facilitated by a classic inverted head and shoulders pattern,
which also foretold the rise in price into today’s session.
Any way you slice and dice it, the trend at all chart levels
for the euro is UP!


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